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commitment spells

Many people who are locked in relationships with partners who are less committed to making that relationship work yet everyone would like to be in a relationship with 100% commitment. Some other people are with the lovers who don’t listen to them or with people who don’t do things that they would expect from those whom they love.

The only thing which I know that can make your partner fulfill all your requirements are by casting a magic spell on him or her. The spell that can work better is called love commitment love spell but made to make your lover listen to your heart as he or listens to her own.

After casting this love commitment love spell, you will begin to see your partner doing everything you have ever wanted from your partner and the most interesting thing is that this spell can remain to make an impact in your relationship permanently. Lots of people have seen their relationship getting into a dilemma because of things that can be averted by just a single love commitment love spell therefore, there is no reason to wait, do it while you still can.

There are two options if you want a spell that can have these features cast onto your partner, You can choose to cast it by yourself or let someone of great experience help you. So assuming that you want to cast by yourself, I’m going to give you all information you might need while casting it on your own.


  • You need to get the piece of paper and pen or pencil, write down all your needs, the things you want your partner to do.
  • Then get some hair of you and your partner.
  • Get bee honey.
  • Orris root powder.
  • Get a flower pot.
  • Get a fresh Irish potato.


Get a paper where you have written your needs and put it together with hair of you and your partner then after that, burn them to the extent that only ash is left. Then take the ash and mix it gently with the Orris root powder then after that mix your powder in the bee honey.

Every day as the sun is rising, anoint the Irish potato which the honey and as you are anointing, think of your partner while passing the wishes you wrote on the paper as a command to him/ her and instruct him/ her to obey those commands.

Repeat that same thing for at least three days and then after that, plant your potato in the flowerpot and place it in front of your house or home but where it will be exposed to the sun.

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